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Hello, this is UZNEX
We are recruiting the 1st generation of supporters.

Recruitment period: 2021–08–01–2021–08–20
Recruitment: 5+ supporters

Eligibility: Residents of Uzbekistan who have a basic understanding of cryptocurrency + Those who can speak Korean or English

(Preference to those who have active SNS)


Activity Ratio + 900…

UZNEX Cryptocurrency Exchange is the first and only government-approved cryptocurrency exchange in Central Asia operated by Korea’s Kobe Group.

We held an opening event at an international blockchain conference in Tashkent in January 2020. At that time, leading Korean, Japanese, and Singapore participated in the opening event.

Although the Uzbekistan government has slowed down its pro-cryptocurrency policy, such as not allowing its citizens to trade cryptocurrency due to the spread of coronavirus 19 over the past year, NAPM issued a law allowing its citizens to trade cryptocurrency on April 30, 2021.

In line with this, Kobe Group, a South Korean blockchain company, officially opened the UzNEX cryptocurrency exchange on June 1 and reportedly pushed for a major renewal and decided to collaborate with Moonstake’s world-class staking service to attract more users.

Source: Blockchain Today (

Thank you so much for participating in UZNEX’s new membership event.
There were a lot more new members than we have expected.
Thank you so much again.

We’ve given a monetary unit worth 3 USD
(select 1 out of USD/USDT/SO’M/BTC) to everyone who has participated.

Plus, we have also given a 50% discount on our transaction fee
(Starting from July) for those who completed KYC 3.

Thank you so much for all your interest.
We will come back with a better event.


UzNEX is a global exchange that provides various services to cryptocurrency traders through multilingual support.

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